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2015 Techtextil North America / JEC Americas Shows

Daily Reports from the Shows

2016 Techtextil North America/JEc Americas/Texprocrdd Show Leaders

Final Day and Looking Ahead.  Like most trade shows, the final day was much quieter than the first two days at 2015 Techtextil North America / JEC Americas. It was a time for exhibitors to themselves get out and walk the show. In trade shows like this, there a multiple levels represented as exhibitors, so many get to talk with other exhibitors who may be their suppliers and customers. What I heard was reinforcement of what I had experienced the first two days: Show attendance was certainly less than the Atlanta shows last year but it was expected and much better than the last "off-year" TTNA event that took place in Anaheim, Cal., USA. And, even with lower numbers than in 2014, the exhibitors were overwhelmingly quite satisfied with the quality of the visitors. In their press release, the JEC Group noted it had a 15% increase in exhibit space from 2014 and provided several good quotes about 2015 including:


Michael Gromacki, Senior Vice President at Dixie Chemicals: "This is our first time exhibiting at JEC Americas and we are very pleased with the turnout."


"With the significant growth in the number of companies participating at this year's JEC Americas reflects the rapidly expanding global market for composites," said Peter Zezima, North American Sales Director, JEC Group.


Another very satisfied person was Kristy Meade, Group Show Director, Messe Frankfurt North America. Ms. Meade was pleased with the visitor turnout and also the response for next year show in Atlanta. She said that already the show floor space is more than 60% reserved and indicated they may have to create a waiting list for potential exhibitors.


Next year in Atlanta, the co-located shows will be joined again by Texprocess Americas, the trade show featuring equipment and technology for the development, sourcing, and production of sewn products. The combined shows will take place May 3-5, 2016.


Individuals in the above picture (L-R) represent the leadership involved in next year's events: Micheal Jaenecke, Techtextil Global Brand Manager, Messe Frankfurt; Frederique Mutel, President, JEC Group; Kathy Fitts, President, Messe Frankfurt North America; Peter Zezima, North American Sales Director for JEC Group; Benton Gardner, President, Sewn Products & Equipment Suppliers of the Americas (SPESA); and David Gardner, Manager, Sewn Products & Equipment Suppliers of the Americas (SPESA).

Day 2: Today I was like a kid in a candy store at the 2015 Techtextil North America / JEC Americas shows. I was wide-eyed with so many opportunities. Attendees took advantage of a full day of educational programs at the TTNA with programs covering tensile structures, medical and nonwoven advancements. I chaired the session called Tensile Structures: Inspiration and Practicality. It featured presentations from three of the preeminent experts in fabric architecture -- Nic Goldsmith, principal at FTL Design Engineering Studio; Bruce Wright, principal at Just Wright Communications; and, Marc Shellshear, Vice President of Gale Pacific. The session was, as the name implied, truly inspiring which prompted many questions from the audience.


On the show floor, it was another strong day for exhibitors. I interviewed 19 exhibitors and 18 told me they were very happy with the quality of the visitors. Leah Perkins, a marketing specialist for Coats North America, said she was new to the industry and this event was a great opportunity to learn what it was all about. Walter Gupper of Sansara International told me he had sold machines today. Siddharth Kusumgar, Director of Kusmumgar Corporates Pvt., Ltd., of Mumbai, India, stopped by my booth and said his company was exploring new markets in the US for his company's technical textiles.


On the JEC side of the shows, the spotlight was on the Shelby Cobra (see picture), an electric-powered car made entirely on a 3-D printer. The Shelby was printed using 20% carbon fiber reinforced ABS material. It is an amazing vehicle.


At the end of the day, I attended the JEC keynote address by R. Byron Pipes, the John Bray Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Purdue University. Dr. Pipes is also the new DIrector of Design and Simulation Technology Area at the new Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI). His presentation was titled "Carbon Fiber Composites Manufacturing Innovation" and he spoke at length about the IACMI initiative, a consortium of universities, industry companies and states in the US Midwest contributing for research on composites. The IACMI is being funded by the Department of Energy and is one of the technology institutes being organized by the US Federal Government.

First Day Impressions: Today the doors opened for the 2015 Techtextil North America and JEC Americas shows in Houston, Texas, USA. The attendance wasn't what it was for Atlanta last year but that was expected. The "off year" of the TTNA Atlanta show is always less attended. What was good to hear was, in comparing the TTNA trade show from the last "off year,"  the number of exhibitors had almost doubled. And, Frederique Mutel, president of the JEC Group, told me the JEC Americas floor space was 15% larger than the Atlanta show last year, it's first year of co-locating with TTNA.


I was pleasantly surprised to find the rooms were packed for the TTNA symposiums sessions New Fiber Technologies, Smart Textiles Applications, and Aerospace Textile Applications. Compliments to Kari Martin of Messe Frankfurt USA for organizing the sessions.


I was kept busy at my booth on the show floor all through the day. I saw people from startup companies in Silicon Valley to visitors from Russia and Brazil searching for new products. For me, it was a quality attendance which, at the end of the show is the priority that matters.


I did break away from booth duty to interview Marcia Ayala, Vice President, Research & Development at Aurora Specialty Textiles Group (ASTG) of Aurora, Ill., USA. ASTG is a textile finisher, specializing in coating and finishing print media, industrial  belting, pressure-sensitive tapes, and medical and industrial applications. Ms. Ayala told me the company has officially opened the doors to a new North America textile factory that offers ultra wide width coating and finishing capabilities. The streamlined 124,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing operation is located in Yorkville, Illinois, USA. A highlight of the plant is the company’s new fully automated EHWHA ultra wide width coating and finishing line, which works easily with a broad range of woven and non-woven substrates up to 134” wide. It's another investment sign the US domestic industry is gaining strength.


At the press conference held by the leaders of JEC and Techtextil, Michael Jaenecke gave a general overview of the technical textile industry. A few key points he made: The technical textiles industry is worth about $160 bn. In the US, there's been more than $500 million invested in recent years to build or modernize plants which is accounting for an estimated 17,000 more jobs. Mr. Jaenecke also reported the organization of the 2016 Techtextil North America/JEC Americas/TexProcess shows were going very well. TTNA already has 60% of it's floor space sold with a projection of 360 exhibitors, up 10% from the 2014 show.


Ms Mutel made an interesting observation in her presentation, saying the first composite materials were made in the US. I had always thought composite development had originated in Europe. She went on to say the explosive growth in composite applications currently being experienced is the result of the industry being able to make larger composite products that are being used for the automotive, aircraft and wind energy industries. Ms. Mutel also talked about a joint project between JEC and Amoco in Sao Paulo, Brazil called "Compocity" which will be a small-scaled city made entirely of composite materials. It will be displayed November 4-7, 2015. I'll try to get more information on this for a further report.


Tomorrow's another day. Watch for my report.


Steve Warner



Posted June 2, 2015

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Is Saving the US Navy's Peacoat a Matter of National Security?

Since last August, the US Navy has been planning to phase out its iconic traditional wool peacoat in favor of a less expensive, synthetic cold weather parka which is lighter in weight and more versatile in types of inclement weather. It actually replaces two types of coats and the seabag the wool coat is stored.


The wool coat, however, has some powerful friends in the US Congress. Companies such as Northwest Woolen Mills in Woonsocket, R.I. and Sterlingware in Boston, Mass. Altogether, the supply chain involved in the manufacture of these woolen peacoats -- including sheep farmers -- is estimated to account for 400 jobs in the Northeast. Add to the drama that the new parka, made by the long-time military supplier Propper, is expected to be manufactured in Puerto Rico, a perceived feeling the new coat will be made by non-American workers. Read more...


Steve Warner


June 29. 2017

President Trump's Reveals 2017 Trade Policy Agenda

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has released President Trump's 2017 Trade Policy Agenda. The document, officially called 2017 Trade Policy Agenda and 2016 Annual Report of the President of the United States on the Trade Agreements Program, outlines the new Administration’s four trade priorities:

  • Defending the US National Sovereignty over Trade Policy
  • Strictly Enforcing US Trade Laws
  • Using Leverage to Open Foreign Markets
  • Negotiating New and Better Trade Deals

​BeaverLake6 Report has created a special page within this website and placed the first chapter of the 336-page document which summarizes the policy. Click here to read it. Posted March 2, 2017

What's the NCTO Game Plan for the Post-TPP Era?

Back on March 24, 2016, I was one of the first to predict the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement was a dead deal. In fact, I said that I wouldn’t be surprised that, if Donald Trump became President, the agreement is shredded on day one of his new administration. Well, I was off by three days. Yesterday, President Trump signed an Executive Order, officially withdrawing the United States from the TPP agreement. Now the question is can the National Council of Textile Organizations put together a comprehensive plan for the domestic textile industry in a post-TPP era? Click here to read the rest. Posted January 25, 2017

Steady Growth Prospects for Expanding Specialty Geosynthetics

There are literally dozens of market reports for the many market sections and subsections within the technical textiles industry. In 2017, BeaverLake6 Report will be introducing a few of these reports to our viewers. The first report being features is The Future of Spcialty Geosynthetics to 2021. It was developed by Smithers Apex, a market research firm based in the United Kingdom. 


In exchange for the promotion, Smithers Apex agreed to write an exclusive expanded executive summary of the market report for our readers. Click here to view the market summary. Posted January 9, 2017

2016 China Textile Innovation Conference Explores the Roads to a Textile Power

Sun Ruizhe

2016 China Textile Innovation Conference, as an annual summit of industry innovation, was held in Beijing on December 12th, 2016. The conference, themed on “New Opportunity, New Advantages, New Vitality” – Stepping Towards a Textile Power, comprehensively summarized the industry innovation achievements and explored the new advantages in development in order to grasp the strategic opportunity of the new round of industrial changes. BeaverLake6 Report is pleased to present a report on the conference via our partnership with China Textile magazine. Please click here. Posted December 21, 2016

In My Opinion

Re-Shoring: Good for the Goose is Not Good for the Gander?

Domestic PFD Manufacturer's Application for FTZ Additional Production Authority Riles Textile Industry Trade Associations. There is a nasty fight taking place these past few months behind the closed doors of Room 48019 at the Herbert C. Hoover Building in Washington, D.C. The room is the office of the Foreign-Trade Zones Board. The fight pits domestic technical textile industry suppliers and a coalition of textile-trade associations against a fairly large domestic end-product cut-and-sew manufacturer. Click here to read the story.


Steve Warner


Media Partners

In My Opinion

In 2015, I posted more than 425 items of interest for our industry on the BeaverLake6 Report website. In reviewing it all last week, it got me to thinking about putting together a list of influential events, news and trends that I observed during the past year. I have focused primarily on the US marketplace but each of “the things that mattered” to me has global implications.


So, here go my thoughts in no particular order of importance. Let me know if you agree or if I have missed some. Click here to read the list.


Steve Warner


Posted January 17, 2016

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