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October 1 - December 31, 2018

Nigerian Army Procures 10,000 Ballistic Vests and Helmets.  According to an article posted on the Body Armor News website, the Nigeria Army is procuring 10,000 ballistic vests and helmets from Nigeria Machine Tool, a domestic defense contractor located in Osogbo, Nigeria. The army had previously purchased 2,000 ballistic vests from the company in 2016. Click here to read the article. Posted November 14, 2018

China Import Tariff Cuts Take Effect on Textiles to Blunt Impact of US Tariffs on Domestic Manufacturers. On November 1, 2018, China cut the import tariffs on 1,585 products deemed essential for the domestic manufacturing industry. Some of these items are imported textile materials. The tariffs on textiles is being reduced from 11.5% to 8.4% to lower costs for domestic manufacturers as the country seeks a diversification of outside suppliers. It's not clear yet whether the cut also affects the designated tariffs on textiles China has already increased on US products.  It's possible the US imported materials will also see the lower tariff but then still be subject to the higher specific targeted retaliatory tariff implemented a few months ago. Click here to read more. Posted November 13, 2018

Wearable Technology Enters Professional Sports. Thanks to our friend Bud Weisbart at AR Tech for sharing an interesting article found on the Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Calif., USA) newspaper site on how wearable technology is being introduced to professional sports.  Elbow stress is the leading cause of injuries for baseball players. The article focuses on Motus, a company which has developed a compression sleeve with sensors. In baseball, where tens of millions of dollars are spent for an elite pitcher, the team can now first look at the athlete's arm strength, elbow stress and shoulder rotation to spot any potential issues.  Privacy laws requires consent by the player for data provided by sleeve. It's not always, though, about looking for a negative; sensors might notice a correctable problem that could extend a career. So far, at the Major League level, the Motus sleeve has only been worn in practice but baseball is one of the few sports that does allow wearable technology like this to be worn in games. Click here to read the article. Posted November 12, 2018 

Point Blank Enterprises Prevails in Class Action Law Suit Targeting (SSBS). According to a press release issued by Point Blank Enterprises, Inc., the US Federal Court, in the southern district of Florida denied a motion for class certification filed against the company and dismissed the case.  In the case (OSTA, et al. v. Point Blank Enterprises, Inc.), a few individual Ohio police officers and two law enforcement associations alleged that a nationwide class should be certified to pursue claims that Point Blank’s Self-Suspending Ballistic System (SSBS) for shoulder straps used on bulletproof vests were defective.  The plaintiffs’ lawyers alleged a defect in the “hook and loop” closure portion of the SSBS when a wearer used the SSBS in a certain way, allegedly causing the shoulder straps to wear out prematurely. The denial of the class motion, and the associated dismissal of the claims asserted by the plaintiffs, enables Point Blank, headquartered in Pompano Beach, Fla., USA, to continue to design, manufacture, and sell its body armor utilizing the SSBS. Click here to read the company press release. Posted November 5, 2018

Structure Materials Manufacturer Names Marketing Development Manager for Architecture Market Segment. Flexible composite membranes manufacturer Serge Ferrari has announced that Kevin Frisone has been appointed as Market Development Manager -- Architecture. Mr. Frisone will lead the company’s growth in the United States for the building / architectural segment, including solar protection, façade, acoustics and tensile architecture. He brings 30 years of business development experience to Serge Ferrari, previously working for Saint-Gobain in its SageGlass and Vetrotech business units. Serge Ferrari Group is headquartered in France with Serge Ferrai North America based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., USA. Posted November 5, 2018

North Carolina State University Receives $28 Million Gift. Great news for the North Carolina State University, located in Raleigh, N.C., USA. Frederick "Fred" Eugene Wilson, Jr. and his family are giving the NC State's College of Textiles a gift of $28 million. The college within the university system will be renamed Wilson College of Textiles. Fred Wilson graduated from the College of Textiles in 1961 with a degree in textile chemistry. He is chairman of the board of directors of Piedmont Chemical Industries Inc., a family-own and operated chemical manufacturer headquartered in High Point, N.C. Click here to read the university's press release on the gift. Posted November 4, 2018

US Exports in September Released for Specialty and Industrial Fabrics Group. The US Department of Commerce has released the September export figures for the Specialty and Industrial Fabrics group. Click here to see the entire report released by the Department of Commerce. 



Year Ending


Year Ending



% Change













Hong Kong

124,860 120,784 -3.26

United Kingdom


103,004 +2.44
World 4,162,674 4,364,493 +4.85

(Data in thousand dollars)

Posted November 2, 2018

US Textile Company Closing. Copland Industries, a manufacturer of various griege woven fabrics for markets including health and industrial, has announced it will be closing at the end of 2018. The company has been in business for 77 years but has now found itself unable with lesser cost polyester fabrics from China. Copland, located in Burlington, N.C., USA, currently has 200 employees. Click here to read an article posted on the Burlington Times-News website. Posted November 2, 2018

US Department of Defense Announces Ballistic Plate Carrier Contract Awarded.  [Correction: The production quantity was incorrectly stated in the orginal announcement. The correct amount has now been inserted in the copy below.] Central Lake Armor Express Inc., Central Lake, Mich., USA was awarded a $59,369,617 ceiling, firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for the production of up to a maximum 1,322,650 Plate Carrier Generation III – Soft Armor Inserts and data reports.  Work will be performed in Central Lake and is expected to be complete by Oct. 24, 2023.  Fiscal 2018 operations and maintenance (Marine Corps) funds in the amount of $2,220,578 will be obligated on the first delivery order immediately following contract award and funds will before the end of the fiscal year.  This contract was competitively procured as a total small business set-aside via the Federal Business Opportunities website with 13 offers received.  The Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico, Va., is the contracting activity. Posted October 28, 2018

Lenzing Group to Acquire Remaining 30% of Its Chinese Operation. The fiber industry consolidation in China continues as the Lenzing Group has announced its intention to acquire the remaining 30% of its Chinese subsidiary Lenzing (Nanjing) Fibers Co., Ltd. from its state-owned joint-venture partner NCFC. Click here to read the company's press release. Posted October 26, 2018

Police Adding a Second Set of Ballistic Vests for Stronger Stopping Power. There is an interesting article on the Body Armor News website about the Gainesville, Ga., USA police officers now carrying extra "bulletproof" vests which can stop rifle rounds. The tradeoff for getting more protection from high velocity rounds is the weight. These new vests weigh with hard armor plates about 45 pounds, too much to weight for everyday use; so, they are stored in the vehicle until they are needed. The result for our industry is more vests for law enforcement protection. Click here to read the article. Posted October 23, 2018

Technical Textiles Producer BFG Relocates Headquarters to Virginia. BFG Industries -- a subsidiary of Porcher Industries -- plans to relocate its US headquarters to the Dan River Region in southern Virginia from Greensboro, N.C., USA. The move is expected to bring 65 new jobs to the area. BGF is a manufacturer of industrial textiles for a variety of end uses in the aerospace, marine, military, construction and automotive industries. BFG was formerly known as Burlington Glass Fabrics. It became a subsidiary of Porcher Groupe of Badinieres, France in 1988. Click here to read the news release issued from the Virginia governor's office. Posted October 22, 2018

Multi-Million Dollar Contract Awarded for USAF Carriage Equipment. The website Soldier Systems is reporting the US Air Force has awarded a multi-million-dollar contract for load-carry carriage equipment for their special operations units. The contract was awarded to High Ground Gear, a division of Ehmke Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia, Penn., USA. Click here to read the article. Posted October 13, 2018

Outdoor Ventures Corporation Selected by US Army to Produce Next Generation Camouflage Netting System. Today, US Congressman Harold "Hal" Rogers of Kentucky announced up to 350 new jobs will be created over the next 10 years in McCreary County, Ky.  Fibrotex had in May 2018 been one of 3 companies the US Army selected for the netting contract. In turn, Outdoor Ventures Corporation (OVC), will partner with the company to produce the next generation Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Netting System (ULCANS) in Stearns, Ky. Fibrotex will retrofit a building next door to OVC and also will build there a new 50,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility. Fibrotex will manufacture the specialized netting that OVC will the make into the final system. Production is planned to start in the second half of 2019. Click here to read the press release on the contract announcement. Posted October 11, 2018

US Marine Interior Fabric Market Projected to Increase 5-6% in 2018.  There's a good article posted on the Boating Industry website looking at the state of the interior and exterior upholstery boat industry market. One of those interviewed was Bill McDaniel, Marine Market Manager at Glen Raven. Mr. McDaniel projected the industry to finish 2018 at 5-6% growth. In the article, he says “Twenty percent of what you get on the OEM side drives 80 percent of the aftermarket. There are more and more boats that are an average age of 15 years to 18 years old that are being refurbished.”  Click here to read the article. Posted October 9, 2018

Applied DNA Appoints VP of Strategic Sales. Applied DNA Sciences Inc. has announced the appointment of Wayne Buchen as Vice President of Strategic Sales. Mr. Buchen most recently served as Senior Vice President of Global Sourcing and Operations for Lacoste in Hong Kong and Senior Vice President of Global Sourcing in New York. Mr. Buchen, together with MeiLin Wan, vice president of Textile Sales, will lead Applied DNA's sales efforts in its textile vertical. The company is a provider of molecular technologies that enable supply chain security, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft technology, product genotyping and DNA mass production for diagnostics and therapeutics. It is headquartered in Brook, N.Y., USA. Click here to read the company's press release on the appointment. Posted October 9, 2018

New West Coast Distribution Center Opened by Coated Fabrics Manufacturer.  Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc., (Aurora) has opened a new regional Fulfillment Center in Santa Fe Springs, Calif. The new regional warehouse and Fulfillment Center enables the company to satisfy same day and next day delivery for the company’s West Coast customers. Aurora, based in Yorkville, Ill., USA, is a manufacturer of coated, dyed and finished woven and nonwoven fabrics used in digital printing, specialty home products and technical textiles applications. Posted October 6, 2018

Last Days for the US Navy Peacoats. On October 1, 2018, the US Navy made the purchase of its dark blue woolen peacoat officially optional for sailors. The iconic peacoat dates back to the British navy of the 1730s, later adapted by the US Navy prior to the Civil War. As reported in a June 2017 BeaverLake6 Report post, the Navy peacoat is being replace by a synthetic fabric cold weather parka in a previously announced cost-cutting move. The full phase-out of the coat will be completed by 2021. Eliminating the peacoat will have a devastating impact on the Boston-region woolen industry as the last peacoat contract was in 2015 for about $48 million. Click here to go to a save-the-peacoat website to express your opposition to the coat's elimination. Industry consultant David Trumbull has on his Textiles and Trade website a good article about the issue. Click here to read his post.   Posted October 5, 2018 

US Exports in August Increase for Specialty and Industrial Fabrics Group. The US Department of Commerce has released the August export figures for the Specialty and Industrial Fabrics group. There does not appear to be any trade consequences yet from the growing US-China trade war as exports to China continue to surge in double digit growth. Click here to see the entire report released by the Department of Commerce. 



Year Ending


Year Ending



% Change













Hong Kong

122,167 123,064 +0.73

United Kingdom


101,980 +2.20
World 4,155,146 4,359,529 +4.92

(Data in thousand dollars)

Posted October 5, 2018

Fiber Publication Acquired. INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, today announced the acquisition of two leading industry publications: International Filtration News and International Fiber News.  The association purchased the publications from International Media Group, Inc., based in Tempe, Az., USA. The purchase price and terms were not disclosed. The publications each have circulations of 8,000-plus domestic and international readers and have served their readers for over three decades. Both are published six times a year in print and digital formats. The acquisitions will expand INDA’s reach and relevance in the key markets the print and digital publications serve with a particular emphasis on the filtration and separation segment as INDA launches its new FiltXpo event to be held in Chicago every 18 months starting February 26-28, 2020.  Click here to read the INDA press release on the purchase. Posted October 2, 2018

US Air Force Makes New Camouflage Uniform Available for All. The new OCP pattern uniform is now available for all in the US Air Force. The uniform has already been available in the past few months for about 100,000 Air Force personnel serving in combat situations. The OCP pattern is a joint combat uniform worn by both the Air Force and the Army. Respective services will be identified on the uniforms by patches and name tags. To avoid financial hardship for those who purchase addition uniforms, the transition to the new uniforms will be over 3 years, with a requirement for all in the Air Force to be wearing it by April 2021. Click here to read an article about the transition. Posted October 2, 2018.



Coming Events

  • February 19-22: 2019 International Erosion Control Association Conference and Expo, Denver, Colo., USA
  • February 23: STA Winter Seminar, Belmont, N.C., USA
  • February 26-28: Techtextil North America 2019, Raleigh, N.C., USAA
  • February 27: SPESA's 9th Advancements in Manufacturing Technologies Conference, Raleigh, N.C., USA
  • February 27-28: 2019 Wood MacKenzie Americas Polyester Conference, Houston, Texas, USA

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Media Partners

President Li Lingshen, President, China Nonwovens & Industrial Texiles Association

President Li Lingshen

BeaverLake6 Report is pleased to provide an exclusive interview with Li Lingshen, Ph.D., Vice President of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, and President of the China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association, the overseeing organization for the technical textiles industry in China. Click here to read the interview.

Final Analysis of IFAI Expo 2018 and CAMX18

IFAI President S. Schiffman

IFAI Expo 2018 was the first show under IFAI's new CEO/President Steve Schiffman. In a quick conversation on the first day, Mr. Schiffman thought event attendance was on target with the expectation of a 500 increase over the 4500 total participants (counting both exhibitors and visitors) they had in 2017 in New Orleans. Similarly, a conversation with one of the managers of ACMA, a partner in CAMX, said their pre-registration had already topped the 6500 they had last year in Orlando. (Keep in mind, though, the 2017 CAMX show had to be rescheduled from September to December because of Hurricane Irma.) Click here to read more about the shows. Posted October 19, 2018

NCTO Neglects Automotive Textiles as Organizations Testify          on Proposed USMCA Impact

Positive Reviews but Still Uncertainty. On November 16, 2018, two of the US textile industry associations testified before the US International Trade Commission (ITC) in a special hearing to determine the economic impact of the proposed United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).  The leaders of the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) and the National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) provided statements on how they feel the new agreement will affect their member companies. 


The two organizations clearly have different biases; however, in looking over the AAFA and NCTO statements, it appears to me that while the organizations both clearly said they were not offering an endorsement yet of the agreement, they gave general overall approval for USMCA, acknowledging the 1992 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) needed updating. Both organizations are taking a wait-and-see attitude to more fully look at how the agreement impacts the complex supply chain of textiles and apparel. [Click here to continue.]


Steve Warner


Posted November 21, 2018

NAFTA Replacement Agreement Negotiated. On October 1, President Donald Trump announced the US, Mexico and Canada had reached an agreement whichreplaces the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that went into effect in 1994. The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) contains provisions and language that has an impact on the technical textiles industry; the most important are 1) a special section covering textiles and apparel and 2) rules of origin that will require 75% of automotive content (under NAFTA 62.5%) be made in North America. Mexico and Canada are the two largest importers of US made technical textiles and the automotive industry is the largest intended end market of these technical textiles. Click here to go to the United States Trade Representative's website and read the "Textiles and Apparel Goods" chapter. Posted October 3, 2018

State of the Chinese Technical Textiles Markets in 2017

Are you looking for a quick understanding of the China technical textiles industry? Through our special relationship with China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association (CNITA) and their China Textile publication, BeaverLake6 Report is pleased to post the English-translation of the recently issued "Status Quo of China's Nonwovens and Industrial Textiles Industry, 2017." The report covers the different levels of the industry, geographic export demographics, and forecast the needs in the major end market applications. Click here to read the report in our China Textile website section. Posted June 18, 2018

Report Published on the US Technical Textiles Industry

I am pleased to announce the second part of my report 2018 State of the U.S.Technical Textiles Industry has been published by Textile World magazine. 


This first part features a general industry overview, plus an evaluation of the status and impact of US trade positions.


The second part, featured in the April/May issue will cover major end markets for technical textiles such as automotive and military.


Click here to go to the Textile World website to download a copy. 


Steve Warner, Publisher

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